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Why I am making this Art sale to benefit the people of Ukraine

Hello and welcome! My name is Rod and I make digital art for my own taste and enjoyment. Recently I discovered that other people like my art. I have been frustrated that life is so normal here in California while people are suffering so much in Ukraine.  So I built a website for print sales that anyone can easily buy from, and also set up an NFT series because I would like to help the people of Ukraine on a far bigger scale than I am capable of doing on my own. 

I ask for your support so that together we will have a big positive impact on the people in Ukraine to help them through the horrible journey of war that they’re experiencing.  

All proceeds will be paid promptly to the best entities active on the ground in Ukraine. See the list below.

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Where I am sending the money from my Art sales

I am sending all proceeds from my Art sales to the most efficient organizations that I can find which are providing care and support to the people of Ukraine. I will be adding to this list. Here they are;


How I am pricing the art

In the print art gallery all prices are fixed and vary depending on what you are ordering – mugs, shirts, pillow, posters, framed prints, steel prints and more all easily bought with a credit or debit card.

For the NFT collection, I have set up a mix of fixed price and auctions. I will adjust according to what works best.

What happens when you sell my art that you purchased via NFT?

If you buy my art via NFT – you own all rights to it. If you choose to sell it, and then sell it, I will promptly send the fee that I am paid on the secondary sale to help the people of Ukraine.

If you want to send money to the same charities and other entities that I am sending money to, see the instructions and links below.

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How you can help

  1. Buy one or more of my artworks as a print Click here to buy
  2. To buy the ownership of one my works via NFT Click here
  3. Share on social media to get your friends to join us!
  4. If you know of great organizations and charities working in Ukraine that you want me to add to the list, please email me using the contact form. I will check them out and add them if they all look good.

A big thank you to our marketing agency – they are doing all this work for free!

The marvelous marketing agency called Tag Collective are helping me to promote this offering of my artwork to you. Thanks to them, we can reach many others who would like to collectively help the Ukraine effort.


Rod Turner

CEO, Founder

Founder/CEO of Manhattan Street Capital, the leading online RegA+ growth capital marketplace. Rod has 30+years experience of building startups to scale and of leading M&A combinations to excellent results in the technology industry. Rod is a serial entrepreneur and has built six technology startups to liquid outcomes, including two NASDAQ IPOs (Symantec and Ashton-Tate) and co-founded the Invine Ventures VC Fund as a GP.

From 2008 thru 2010 Rod was Chairman of ArtSlant LP, contemporary artist website.

Rod graduated from Stanford’s Executive Institute and in the UK earned a 1st Class Honors degree in Energy Technology (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering) from Aston University, England.
Interests include leadership, innovation, altruism, public speaking, boating, and racing cars.
Rod has two sons and resides in San Diego, CA.

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