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Helping the People of Ukraine

I send all sales proceeds to help the people of Ukraine to the best groups I have found there. Click “Read More” below to see the list. This is all to help the people of Ukraine in the biggest way possible. You can easily buy posters and framed art, mugs, and household items by credit card,  or if you want to have fun and make a bigger impact, go to the NFT Auction! Please join with me and let’s help the people of Ukraine in a BIG way!  Thank you! Read More…

Why I am making this Art sale to benefit the people of Ukraine

Hello and welcome! My name is Rod and I make digital art for my own taste and enjoyment. Recently I discovered that other people like my art, much more than I would’ve thought or expected.  So I made this NFT series, because I would like to help the people of Ukraine on a far bigger scale than I am capable of doing on my own. 

I ask for your support so that together we will have a big positive impact on the people to help them through the horrible journey of war that they’re experiencing.  

All proceeds from initial sales and aftermarket fees will be paid promptly to the best entities active on the ground in Ukraine.


Buy my Art to Help the People of Ukraine

“I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.”

—John Lennon.

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